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Top Halloween Safety Tips during COVID-19

While many places of the world are still battling an alarming infection rate of the Delta variant of COVID-19, Halloween is just around the corner and people are wondering if it is safe to partake. It’s understandable that parents are hesitant about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic whilst also gearing up for Halloween to try and give their children a childhood as normal as possible. If you are thinking about celebrating Halloween, let’s look at three safety tips to keep in mind to help keep you and your family protected.

1. Going out: Implement Safe Trick-or-Treating Precautions

Implementing safe trick-or-treating precautions will help give everyone the best chances at having no tricks and all treats this Halloween.

· If you or someone in your party is sick or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, it is best to sit this one out. Please keep others safe by staying home until you feel better.

· Trick or treat in small groups.

· Use face masks that can double as a costume.

· Opt to attend outdoor parties, or partake in mazes in lieu of indoor crowds. If you are hosting something indoors, keep the group to a limited number, and having open doors and windows will help circulate some fresh air.

· Never go inside a stranger’s home or car.

· Do not let trick-or-treaters travel without the company of an adult if they are under the age of 12.

· Wave at neighbors from a safe distance.

· Inspect treats with care

2. Staying In: Halloween Safety for Homeowners and Communities

If you have decided not to go out to a party or trick-or-treating, there are plenty of fun things you can do to still celebrate the holiday. You can watch virtual events online or try this recommendation from the CDC that suggests to host a video chat party. Have some fun by dressing up and chatting with family and friends about everyone’s costume.

Deciding to quarantine at home during COVID-19 means more time to decorate inside and outside your home or community. But beware! Creating spooky jack-o-lanterns and using candles can cause a fire threat. Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association guesstimates that Halloween decorations cause roughly 800 house fires per year, totaling $11 million in property damage. They recommend to keep flammable decorations (such as dried flowers, crepe paper, and cornstalks) away from open flames.

Making sure your smoke detectors are in working order is a great tip for Halloween safety. Here at Baxter Restoration, we understand fire damage and the destruction it may cause. Learn more about fire damage and what you can do if you need help. Instead of candles, choose a safer alternative, such as LED lights, electric candles, or glow sticks.

3. On the Road: Halloween Safety for Motorists

On average, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.”

Knowing this fact, motorists should take extra precaution while traveling on the road during Halloween. The National Safety Council suggests that new and inexperienced drivers should refrain from driving on Halloween. Make sure you are driving with your headlights on and are watching carefully for children who may dart across your car out of excitement.

In conclusion, whether you decide to stay inside or attend a Halloween event with family and friends, remember to keep these precautions to maximize your safety. If you celebrate Halloween, COVID-19 should not stop you from having some much-needed fun! Additional caution can help ensure Halloween safety for everyone. In the unfortunate case that your community or business experiences a COVID-19 outbreak, do not hesitate to contact Baxter Restoration to learn more about our cleaning services.

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