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What To Do If Someone Dies In My Home?

During these uncertain times, we have all been educating ourselves on how to stay healthy while minimizing our risk of infection from viruses and contagious pathogens. What do we do if someone in the household passes away unexpectedly? If someone in your household passes away while at home you need a professional biohazard cleanup.

Every year almost ⅓ of deaths occur at home without the caring help from a hospital or hospice service.

During COVID it is important to understand your increased risk of health hazards after a pet or loved one has passed.

Biohazard clean up refers to a range of hazardous clean up including hoarding, animal infestation, death, blood, or crime scene cleanup. After a loved one or pet has passed it is difficult to imagine life without them let alone cleaning up, let a professional help.  During the aftermath it is important that the home, vehicle, or business is properly cleaned.

Hazardous fluids can start to leave the body as soon as one hour after time of death, leaving your space contaminated with hazards. To ensure the safety of all members of the household  it is crucial to contact a highly qualified biohazard clean up team. Biohazard cleanup requires specific certifications in order to properly sanitize the environment to eliminate all health hazards. It is important to choose a service that maintains their decontamination tools to ensure that each job is completed with great attention to detail so residual potential hazards are not transferred from one site to the next.

Give yourself peace of mind that you are living and working in a safe environment. To learn more about biohazard clean up visit.

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