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Biohazard Cleanup Experts Serving Florida

We can remove contaminants & properly clean, disinfect and decontaminate your property

The cleaning of bio-hazard materials includes Mold Remediation, Blood, crime scene, meth lab, hoarding cleanup, and animal infestations. In each of these cases specific certification is required to assure that the cleanup is through to allow for human habitation after the job is complete.


Baxter Restoration is equipped with technicians who are certified in all types of Bio Hazard cleaning. We manage and maintain our decontamination tools and equipment to assure that each job has complete attention and all of the residual, potential hazards are removed. Unattended death clean-up is treated with discretion and care by our professional technicians.


Our clean-up activities meet and exceed O.S.H.A. and department of health standards and reduce the risks related to human health. Baxter Restoration's team is courteous and conscientious to help the homeowner or commercial business get back to life as usual. We always aim to restore and recover so that you can relax. 


Make sure that you are living in a clean, safe environment. Call us to have your property cleaned and restored after a flood, crime scene investigation, chemical spill or any other type of devastation. 

Events that can involve biohazards include

  • Flooding or water damage

  • Septic system backup & overflows

  • Mold & mildew infestation

  • Crime scene injuries & fatalities

  • Homicides & suicides

  • Unattended deaths

  • Accidents & injuries

  • Hazardous material spillage (solvents, paints, pesticides, chemicals, etc.)

  • Hoarding

Our highly trained specialists can handle your biohazard disaster from start to finish: Contact us today for help!

Depending on the type of biohazard encountered, this type of disaster can place property owners under severe emotional strain while also exposing them to serious health risks. To handle the full range of possibilities, call Baxter Restoration.


Our technicians are compassionate as well as technically savvy in biohazard remediation. Our aim is to help you get your property and your life back to normal as soon and as smoothly as possible. Call us or reach us online to meet with our biohazard cleanup specialists today.


We provide comprehensive disaster restoration services to Florida residents.

Contact Baxter today for an estimate in Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Windermere, Ocala, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Orlando, Melbourne, Gainesville, Jacksonville, The Villages, Leesburg, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and nearby.










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