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HVAC Cleanup

in Florida 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning In Florida

Cleaning & maintenance of air ducts in Florida

At Baxter Restoration, we're your local, certified experts for air duct cleaning services and HVAC maintenance services of all types.

We service structures in Florida, including buildings of a commercial, residential, municipal, and industrial nature.

Our specialists can provide you with a no-obligation. Each quote includes a personal on-site inspection, professional consultation, and a written estimate for the completed work.

Air Duct Cleaning Methods in Florida

Air duct cleaning should also improve the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the building in which it's conducted. Removing even a 1/4" of dust from ductwork can increase a system's efficiency by 25%, while also potentially eliminating dank, musty odors from the area.


Three common methods for air duct cleaning:




This process uses high-pressure air sent through an air compressor and air nozzle. This creates streams of pressurized air that can dislodge dirt and debris. A vacuum system combines with the air washing to collect the debris.




This process takes air washing to the next level by blasting the ducts with pressurized air while agitating dirt and debris with "whips", which contact the interior ductwork to maximize the amount of dislodged material.




The process of power brushing involves using a physical brush to mechanically remove the accumulated dirt and debris from the ductwork. This direct physical brushing is the most thorough method of dislodging debris. This process is followed up with by a proper air washing, which aids in removing dirt and small particles that have been loosened.

For additional energy efficiency benefits, air ducts should be sealed as well as cleaned. Recent studies have found that 10%-30% of the air in an average central air conditioning system escapes from crevices and openings within the ducts. By sealing air ducts, you can retain the air you pay to condition -- and send it where the system intended it to go.

Duct Cleaning in FL

Healthy indoor air quality is a key element to the successful operation and management of a building.

The National Energy Management Institute (NEMI) says:


"The benefits of improved Indoor Air Quality are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored... these include improved productivity, increased profits, greater employee/customer/visitor health and reduced health costs."


Your HVAC system is capable of resolving up to 80% of IAQ problems when properly designed and maintained. Therefore, all ductwork within the structure should be cleaned and maintained regularly.


Neglected HVAC air duct systems will contain irritants such as mold spores, dust mite waste, fiberglass particles, and dust. Bacteria, mouse droppings, and dead animals are also found within air duct systems in need of cleaning.


A study by Indoor Air Journal has found that even newly installed supply air ducts may have high levels of dust. With the EPA reporting IAQ as one of the top five modern-day environmental health concerns, this is maintenance that cannot be ignored.

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