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Appliance Leak - How To Prevent Water Damage

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Have you ever experienced leaking appliances? Well, it is a massive unnecessary headache. We have some tips to help prevent appliance leaks in your home and business. 

Usually when you encounter an appliance leak it is commonly caused by the sink. However, your AC unit, washing machine, dishwasher, and fridge are susceptible to leaks as well. These appliances are all connected to your homes main water supply. 

When a dishwasher or ice maker leaks, the leak is usually unseen until the damage has been done for some time.

Appliances that can cause a leak in your home:
  • Air conditioner 

  • Washing machine

  • Dishwasher 

  • Ice Maker

Here are some tips to prevent you AC from leaking:

Clean your HVAC air filter a few times a year. 

Ensure the ductwork is properly insulated.

Have your AC refrigerant levels checked periodically.

Install a drain pan overflow shutoff switch with a float. 

Here are some tips to prevent washing machine leaks:

Use the suggested amount of detergent when washing.

Install a flood sensor 

Install a single lever shutoff valve

Use a washer tray under the washing machine 

Here are some tips to prevent dishwasher leaks:

Every few months, remove the kick plate at the bottom of the dishwasher while the unit is on. Take a look underneath and look for any visible dampness or water dripping. If you see signs of water dripping you may have a leaking tub, bad pump seals, a defective solenoid valve or loose hose connection. If you are able to identify this issue before it's too late, this will save you time and money in the long run. 

Tips to prevent ice maker leaks:

When you pull your refrigerator away from the wall to clean it, make sure that there is enough slack in the line so you don’t pull the water supply line out of the wall.

Before you push the refrigerator back make sure there are no kinks in the water supply line. 

Periodically inspect behind the refrigerator for any signs of moisture or leaks. 

Many refrigerators come with a plastic water supply tube for the ice maker. These can deteriorate and being leaking over time or even rupture completely. Replace the plastic supply tube with a stainless steel braided water line for a longer life cycle. 

Learn more about water damage here


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