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How To Keep Your Porch Mold & Mildew Free!

Mildew grows from mold spores and is a form of fungus. It is closely related to mold, however, there are a few distinguishing characteristics that allow us to easily identify if it is mold or mildew.

Mildew is light in color - white, gray, and yellow

Mildew is fluffy or powdery, and mold is more dense. Both mildew and mold produce foul odors. Both can cause harm to your health after prolonged exposure.

Mold is dark in color - blue, green, and black

In order for mildew to grow there must be an organic matter present such as wood or plant matter, there needs to be sufficient moisture present. For mildew growth there must be humidity levels anywhere between 62 and 93 percent. The ideal temperatures for mold and mildew growth varies between 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperatures are higher a greater volume of water is held on a porous surfaces making it a prime location for unwanted mildew.

In order to prevent your porch from mildew exposure there are certain precautions that make your home less likely to mold and mildew growth. If your porch is constructed mostly of wood then you are more vulnerable to mildew growth. Wood absorbs water and contains organisms that mold and mildew feed off of. Wood stays damp longer and creates a breeding ground of mold and mildew.

A few things that can help minimize mold and mildew production is to remove clutter that blocks the air flow on the porch. If your porch gets wet frequently you want to ensure it has the ability to dry itself quickly. Decluttering and allowing air flow on the porch is a great way to allow the porch to dry.

Helpful maintenance tips for keeping your porch mold and mildew free

  • If you have anything lying on your porch such as tools, bins, or any non-essential debris remove them.

  • Eliminate shaded areas on your porch, adjust plants, and other fixtures so the sunlight is able to dry all areas of your porch. The heat from the sunlight will eliminate mold and mildew growth.

  • Sweep your porch regularly to get rid of mold and mildew food sources. Mildew and mold feed off of dust and dirt. By keeping the space clean you lessen your chances of unwanted mildew growth.

  • Scrub the porch occasionally with household cleaners if you don’t have that soap and water will work as well.

  • If you hose down the porch make sure that is able to be thoroughly dried by the heat of the day.

  • If you use fungicidal paint to paint the porch that will aid in the prevention of mold and mildew growth by creating a barrier between the materials used to build the porch and potential moisture.

  • If you see mold and mildew beginning to grow it is crucial that you eliminate it immediately. Dilute bleach with water it will work to clean your wood or concrete porch. (1 cup bleach: 1 gallon water)

These helpful tips will ensure your porch is beautifully inviting all year round

  • Tools to help you clean:

  • Broom (sweep weekly)

  • Hose or pressure washer(spray down monthly)

  • Paint (one time use)

  • Bleach (for bi-monthly cleaning)

Tip: Paint stores sell paint that prevents moisture from penetrating. Ask your local paint store.
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