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Tropical Storms, Cyclones & Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season started June first and goes through November first. Along with hurricanes

comes tropical depressions which consist of tropical cyclones and tropical storms.

A Tropical cyclone is a low-pressure system in the tropics with a maximum sustained wind speed of 38 mph.
A tropical storm has a maximum sustained wind of 39-74 mph.
A hurricane has maximum sustained winds of 74 mph and above.

All of these phenomena's occur during hurricane season and can impact your houses, boats, and cars. Don’t underestimate the power of water! Only 6 inches of moving water (ankle deep) can knock over an adult, 1 foot of moving water can carry away a small car, 18-24 inches of moving water can carry away most SUV’s, vans, and trucks.

To better protect your property, install surge protection, power surges can occur instantly during a storm and can damage your appliances and electronics in your home. Remove the built-up debris in your gutters and drains, this will eliminate the debris flying around during high wind. Cut back all of your trees and large plants, this will reduce the chances of loose flying debris hitting your home, car, and boat.

To prepare yourself and your belongings it is important to update your insurance. Be sure to check in with your insurance agency before hurricane season begins and do a quick insurance check-up. Note that flood insurance must be obtained separately from your basic home insurance. Make sure your home, vehicles, and boat are covered by your insurance policy. Locate your insurance documents and keep them in a safe waterproof location. If you evacuate during the storm bring your insurance documents with you. Make sure to have all the necessary information for your insurance policy and the contact information for your insurance agent.

To learn more about Storm Damage click here.

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