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11 Stories To Brighten Your Day - Positive Stories During Covid-19

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

1. Vacant and Celebrating

Animal Shelter Baxter

An animal shelter in Palm Beach, FL ran out of animals to be adopted, They all found new homes! It is the perfect time to adopt or shelter an animal with all the extra time we are spending at home.

2. Camping On The Lawn

Doctors and Nurses are exposing themselves to COVID-19 every time the go into work. They are on the frontlines saving lives and giving there all to help those in need. Since they are knowingly being infected with the virus from their prolonged exposure, they are not able to return home after work. Doctors and nurses are not able to see their families during this time because they put their families at risk of being infected. Generous people who own RV’s have donated their RV to doctors and nurses so they could park the RV in their driveway in order to see their families. This has a tremendous impact on the families and allows them to see their families during this difficult time. 

3. Birthday Party Parades

Birthday party parades are now alive and well! Many kids and adults alike have experienced canceled plans and quarantine birthdays. There is a new trend going around…Birthday party parades. Since socially distancing and quarantine do not permit social gatherings people have gotten creative and found a new way to celebrate their loved ones.

People decorate their cars and make signs to parade by their loved one’s homes.

4. Switching Up Their Cocktail Of Choice

Large companies such as Anheuser-Busch and Tito’s are now producing hand sanitizers to help with the nation-wide shortage.

Tito’s plans to make 24 tons of hand sanitizer and donate it to those most at risk.

5. Laps For A Loving Cause

People are taking action to raise money to provide relief during this time. One-man, Captain Tom Moore, raised over 33 million to help the NHS in England. A 99-year-old WWII veteran decided he would walk laps around his garden and encourage people to pledge money to his cause. He agreed to do 100 laps before his 100th birthday at the end of April. His goal was to raise $1,000 before his big birthday!

Much to his surprise he became a viral sensation and raised over 33 million! He continues to do lap each day even after he surpassed his 100 laps.

6. The Student Teacher Bond Grows

Teachers and school staff are driving by their students’ homes with encouraging messages. During this time, teachers all over the country have been driving through their students neighborhoods with music and signs to show that they are thinking of them. Not only are the teachers and students missing each other but the parents have a new found appreciation for their children's teachers.

7. Clear Sky’s Ahead

The Himalayas are visible for the first time in decades that the gorgeous mountain tops are visible from the surrounding areas. The air pollution in India had reduced by 44% since the lock down, making way to spectacular views of the Himalayas. The reduction of pollution is happening all over the world. In the Venice canals the water has cleared and swans, dolphins, and an abundance of fish are now visible in the waterways. 

8. A Smiling Face Makes A Difference

Doctors at a hospital and San Diego, California are making efforts to comfort patients. When you are dealing with the stress of the unknown it is easy to feel overwhelmed. When you are in the hospital fighting for your health it can be unsettling to see all of the doctors in full gear that resembles something out of a SIFI movie… San Diego doctors decided to wear pictures of themselves smiling to give their patients a look at what is underneath all of the gear.

9. Ask For Help

Since this time is filled with so much uncertainty, its important to check on your loved ones near and far to make sure they are okay, more than okay, physically. New York has been hit hard by the virus and the State of New York is offering free mental support to anyone who needs it. NYC’s governor Andrew Cuomo announced that 6,000 mental health professionals have signed up to donate their services during the pandemic. Residence can call the hotline and schedule their virtual session.

10. United We Stand

In Brazil, the iconic statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro has been lit up with international flags to signify the unity of the world, and the impact COVID-19 is having on everyone. This reminds those feeling lonely that we are all in this together and we will make it to the other side.

11. Waddle Baby Waddle

The Shedd Aquarium in Illinois has been letting the penguins wonder around the aquarium and visit the other animals! Their reactions to their neighbors is priceless. 



This is a time to reflect and be grateful for the lives we lead. In times of uncertainty, seek out things that make you feel joy. Remember to be kind to others and yourselves.

If you, or someone you know (human or animal) is in a dangerous situation, please seek help using these resources:

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